The Ante Room and Bar

Both the Ante Room and Library are cosy, comfortable rooms featuring Georgian architectural details within the plaster work.

The Ante Room
The Ante Room Reception area

The Ante Room

During refurbishment, the Ante Room was decorated with Farrow & Ball’s ‘Hague Blue’ paint providing a further classic touch.

Swallows, the party animals of the natural world, flitter in and out as they swoop from one social gathering to another.

Both rooms were designed for enjoyment and have witnessed chatter, gossip and celebrations throughout several centuries.

Celebrating together

The Ante Room is often chosen as the place for guests to leave cards and gifts, sign the guest book, get creative and exhibit their inner goofball with Polaroid or photo booth fun.

We pride ourselves on incredibly well polished glassware and chilled white wines. At present we have a wide selection of whiskeys and we’re glad to encourage the trend for sophisticated G&Ts with a good range including the premium Hendrick’s Gin.

The Ante Room and Bar
Simply Strings in The Ante Room

The Bar

We’re always full to the brim with Champagne, mountains of ice and rest assured, you can always get a cup of tea, whatever the time.

The Bar is well stocked with local beers too. Both Springhead Brewery (try the Roaring Meg and George’s favourite, a pale golden beer ‘Maid Marian’) and Welbeck Abbey Brewery (their ‘Harley’ ale is very quaffable) supply Hodsock Priory.

Everyone likes to feel the resin of the Bar itself. Handmade by artists from Shoreditch, it brings a little urban glamour to our rural setting and just begs to be touched.

Scene of a Crime…

Dorothy Spencer and another member of staff were on their own one night, sharing a room on the top floor of the House when they heard breaking glass on the ground floor in what used to be a sitting room (now the Bar). Aged 14 or 15, they shakily crept downstairs wielding a candle and the house revolver that they’d been given for their safety.

Wedding guests in the bar

They caught a man taking 2 candlesticks and managed to raise the alarm despite the burglar jumping out through the window. He was arrested the next day in Newark and Dorothy and her friend were rewarded. Dorothy’s daughter still has the brooch that she was presented with.

The moral of the story? That there’s always someone here at Hodsock to look after you!

Look out of the windows here and you’ll gaze at the stunning seasonal flowers on the Italian Terrace.