The Library

Both the Library and Ante Room are south facing and are bathed in sunlight all day. They have magnificent views of the gardens and onwards though the estate. You won’t see a pylon or house for miles. We can guarantee your privacy and you’ll enjoy the sense of luxury knowing the house is ‘yours for the day’.

The Library

Relax and digest

The Library is packed with leather bound volumes, digests, fiction and non.

There are a number of local history books. You’re welcome to explore the shelves, thumb through publications and settle down to read if you wish.

You’ll spot George in the photograph of his father, Sir Andrew Buchanan, with Her Majesty the Queen. Or perhaps posing with Peter Kay. George comes from a world of entertainment and has dedicated links with the area and county.

‘The Morning Room’

Equally at ease with royalty, Sir Andrew was Lord Lieutenant of Nottinghamshire for 22 years and was bestowed a knighthood by the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

There’s the receipt for the fireplace, bought in Florence and shipped over to Hodsock.

George’s grandparents used to call the Library their Morning Room as the light was perfect for reading the newspapers.

Reception in The Library
The Library at Hodsock

The Library in World War II

During WWII, George’s Great Aunt used the Library as her private sitting room.

She had 42 Land Girls living at the house who were all in their late teens, plus German and Italian PoWs.

Looking back, she described it as a little like St. Trinian’s but with the need to work seven days a week until dusk.