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Wedding Ideas Sustainable Weddings at Hodsock Priory
Sustainable Weddings at Hodsock Priory

Sustainable Weddings at Hodsock Priory

In an age where environmental consciousness is becoming increasingly important, couples are searching for ways to celebrate their love while minimising their ecological footprint. At Hodsock Priory, a stunning estate nestled amidst the picturesque Nottinghamshire countryside, we have taken a proactive approach to sustainability. We are offering couples a dream wedding venue that aligns with their eco-friendly values. In this blog, we explore the charm of sustainable weddings at our venue, where love and nature intertwine in harmonious matrimony.

Captured by A Big Neon Glitter Photography

A Sustainable Haven: Hodsock Priory’s Green Initiatives

Hodsock Priory’s commitment to sustainability shines through its impressive array of green initiatives. From renewable energy sources powering the estate to water conservation efforts and waste reduction strategies. We delve into the eco-friendly measures that make this venue a pioneer in sustainable weddings. Our aim in preserving the natural beauty of the estate results in couples saying “I do” knowing their special day contributes to the greater good.

Natural Beauty: Hodsock Priory’s Breathtaking Wedding Settings

Nestled within 800 acres of woodlands and gardens, Hodsock Priory presents a wealth of enchanting wedding settings that fully embrace the beauty of nature. Experience romantic outdoor ceremonies enveloped by wildflowers or opt for charming indoor spaces adorned with sustainable decor.

Captured by Stu Ganderton Photography

Eco-Friendly Cuisine: Sustainable Wedding Dining

We are passionate about sustainability. Our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and supporting local businesses shines through our delectable farm to table cuisine. Our ingredients, including vegetables, meats, and fish, are sourced within a 50 mile radius, while herbs are freshly grown in our gardens. Behind the bar, you’ll find an array of locally sourced beers, ales, and soft drinks. For international flavours, we rely on sustainable independent importers. Additionally, our energy efficient Priory and Courtyard feature fully insulated windows and doors, keeping our EPC rating low. Embrace eco-friendly dining and indulge in responsible flavours on your special day at Hodsock Priory!

Blooms in Bloom: Sustainable Floral Arrangements

Floral arrangements add a touch of elegance to any wedding, and at Hodsock Priory, sustainability extends to the beautiful blooms. We support the eco-conscious practices embraced by environmentally conscious florists, from sourcing locally grown flowers to composting green waste. Couples can adorn their celebrations with exquisite floral displays that celebrate the beauty of nature responsibly.

Captured by Hannah Shearman Photography

Preserving Memories: Eco-Friendly Wedding Favours

We always enjoy seeing the thoughtful and sustainable wedding favour ideas that couples can offer their guests as tokens of appreciation. From plantable seeds to reusable keepsakes, these eco-friendly favours not only leave a lasting impression but also promote a green lifestyle among wedding attendees.

Sustainable Weddings at Hodsock Priory
Captured by Ami Ford Photography

Sustainable weddings are more than just a trend to us, they are a heartfelt commitment to nurturing love while safeguarding the environment. With our focus on eco-friendly initiatives, breathtaking natural settings, and responsible practices in every aspect of the celebration, couples can embark on a journey of love that leaves a positive impact on the planet. Experience the magic of love and nature coming together with us! Where sustainable weddings blossom, leaving a legacy of beauty and responsibility for generations to come.

Embrace earthly elegance with us, book your sustainable wedding today! Fill out our contact form or email us at info@hodsockpriory.com to get started.

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