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Wedding Ideas Tips For Getting Your Wedding Dress Code Wording Spot On
Tips For Getting Your Wedding Dress Code Wording Spot On

Tips For Getting Your Wedding Dress Code Wording Spot On

At Hodsock Priory we’re all about making sure everything on your wedding day comes together perfectly, down to the fine details and overall aesthetic. If you’re anything like us you’ll want to make sure your guests know what you expect them to wear; this helps them feel comfortable and at ease on your wedding day, and has the added bonus of looking really good in photos! It can be tricky to know how to tell people this information, so we’ve put together some tips you can use if you’re struggling with your wedding dress code wording.

First things first, you need to consider the type of wedding you’re planning on having. Whether it’s going to be a black-tie affair or a relaxed outdoor wedding, Hodsock Priory lends itself to plenty of different themes and styles thanks to the range of options for indoor, outdoor and church ceremonies and receptions. Once you’ve defined your wedding style you’ll be able to get a clearer picture of how your guests’ outfits will fit into the overall aesthetic.  

Country house wedding venue in Nottinghamshire
Maytree Photography

Our first tip for getting your wedding dress code wording spot on is to be clear and explicit – even more so than you would think! Whether you’re hoping your friends and family will get garden-party glamorous or don classic cocktail attire, the last thing you want is anyone feeling uncomfortable because they didn’t get the memo on the day. At Hodsock we want you to embrace the style of wedding that feels true to you and your guests, so however that looks we recommend getting really clear yourselves on what the dress code actually is. 

We recommend including the dress code in your wedding stationery suite so that you can be sure everyone has read the details. It might be worth including an extra information card (incorporate your transport, accommodation and gift list registry on this) so that you can include a short description on your dress code. 

Manor house wedding venue in Nottinghamshire
Cloud Dancer Photography

Be light-hearted and creative when explaining your wedding dress code wording. Rather than writing ‘Dress Code – Black Tie’, you could say… 

‘Please arrive in your finest Black Tie as we celebrate our love story in the Panelled Hall at Hodsock Priory’. 

By detailing the location of your venue and ceremony spaces, guests will be able to get a feel for your day. This will help to get everyone excited and will encourage your loved ones to adhere to the dress code. We have lots more tips for getting your guests excited and involved ahead of the wedding day here too!

Wedding reception venue
Maytree Photography

If you really want to go the extra mile you could even create an inspirational look-book on Pinterest and point your guests to it! Guests want to know what they should be wearing to your wedding day, and many will be relieved to have been offered specific advice when it comes to the dress code. 

We regularly post wedding planning tips and advice for your Hodsock Hall wedding, so explore our wedding ideas page for more. We can’t wait to see the exciting ensembles your guests put together for your wedding!

Imagery in this blog post by Sara Cooper.

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